Industrial Process Equipment Services

Fiber Energy, LLC Offers Industrial Process Equipment Services

Complex systems cannot afford to be down when pumps fail or routine maintenance finds real problems. We specialize in acquiring parts and providing industrial process equipment services for the systems of most major manufacturers. We can provide both new and re-manufactured parts.

Industrial Process Equipment Services

Often a re-manufactured part meets or exceeds OEM specs.

Let us help you diagnose and solve your problem promptly and efficiently. 

From thermal oil energy systems and their replacement parts and equipment to reciprocating furnaces and direct fired oil/gas heaters, we provide the pumps, values and rebuild/repairs with stocked OEM parts.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Call us when your system needs:

  • Engineering and diagnostics testing
  • Pump parts
  • Equipment tuning and calibration  
  • Pump service
  • Furnace tuning 
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Gaskets 
  • Refractory/Brick installations and repairs
  • Insulation repairs 
  • Refractory inspections
  • NOx inspections and testing 
  • Routine maintenance
  • Oil/Gas direct-fired heater repairs and tuning 
  • Scheduled services
  • Operator training 
  • Start-up/Commissioning/Performance testing
  • Preventative maintenance/service agreements 
  • Thermal oil loop tuning
  • Pump alignment 
  • Troubleshooting and process optimization
  • Pump gaskets
  • Valve parts
  •  24 hour Emergency Services